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mardi 13 septembre 2011


The purpose of this blog is to connect the composersproducers and labels.
To do so, artists need only to submit their productions, so they are published on the blog.
Then the labels realize their choice when it passes over the site.
The advantage for artists is that their tracks are listened to before being published, thus giving them tips and advice to improve their products.
For labels, the advantage lies in the fact that pre-selection has been madeallowing them to listen to a limited number of tracks to target more quickly what they want.
Everything is totally free.
However, the blog reserves the right to publish that is sent if a track is considered to be inconsistent with our expectations, this one will not be published.
I'm looking for a label wishes you a pleasant use of the site!

lundi 12 septembre 2011

I'm looking for a label!

New Blog opening soon!
I'm looking for a label is a blog made to create the relationship between house music producers and labels!
More infos coming soon!
So Stay tuned!